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2 Responses to Stories from Clients

  1. Billy Dudley

    Kudos to Teri & Louise. Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to my wonderful team of therapists who guided me through recent problems I was having with my breathing & exercise issues. Their explanation of what I needed to do to calm my fears and anxiety were solid advice and ways no one had explored with me before. While my current time with them is up I have my exercises posted on the fridge and will continue my daily walks with the hope of going further each day. Thank you both.

  2. Unanimous

    Your services are so welcoming. You come into our home every morning and I would do exercises with your help. You don’t take no as an answer and you would encourage me to do more. So keep on coming here to help me get closer to my goal.

    Physical Therapy is good for all people, as we all have muscles that need to work. So, Doctor, please keep me going so that I do not end up on the floor.

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